New Year

Soon the New Year, Christmas and other holidays, so the problem of choosing gifts rises to almost everyone. The question of donation on the road to success is very relevant. But give nothing probably nothing and not get return. For stealing the universe must punish the man, and sooner or later take away from him all that he took without asking. Therefore, in the way of success must be prepared to give and give. You can give ordinary gifts You can buy with the money in stores or online store. You can also do something with their hands or, for example, sing or read poetry. That is the problem of choosing a gift is completely solved.

Now you must decide who is best to give gifts. Of course, that the number of such people include all of your relatives and friends. You might make sense to give gifts to their superiors, especially if you need an ambulance go ask for a pay rise :-), and colleagues, as well as other nice you people. Question the value of gifts each defines for himself, depending on their income and intentions. Who then can be presented, for example, ballpoint pen with a postcard, and who is a good make-up or a mink coat to his wife, together with the new car :-), but you can make the exact same site with photos of your favorite animal (or lay out a family album on the site with all the Recent photos from tour operators) and pripodnesti it as a gift to all family members. And they made a symbolic gift of the universe. To do this, buy a nine beautiful fresh roses, cut off from their buds and Put them in a not very deep bowl with water on your table and say words of gratitude to the universe for all the good that she gave you in this life and for all the good that she will give you the future of your life.

In life you have set a goal – to achieve success. You went on the road that leads to the palace of Success. On this road you overcome the small and large obstacles with the help of his personal strength and with the help of the universe, which may come to you and through good people on your way. But if you do not thank these people, and especially the universe, that is not doing gifts and do not say words of thanks, when you come to the palace gates of success, in the locks of the gate will not keys and you can not open them to enter the palace of Success and therefore you have to walk around the palace until the end of your days, never reaching their goal. Therefore determined with gifts and remember that your gifts The universe will respond similarly, and may be several times the best gifts for you, just think about it is not necessary, but must make gifts from the heart and then success is sure to come into your life.